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Overseas Immunizations

Protect Yourself Before Traveling Abroad

**This service has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 response efforts**
The THD offers immunizations administered by a registered nurse for children and adults traveling abroad. Our knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations on which immunizations to receive. Included in the cost of the immunization is the required "yellow book" certificate for documentation of travel immunizations.  THD is a Centers for 疾病 Control (CDC) certified Yellow Fever immunization provider. Expert consultation regarding pertinent information about the area of your destination is also included (a $100 dollar value).  For information regarding current travel information from the Center for 疾病 Control click here. A 西班牙语-speaking interpreter is available.

Payment is due at time of service. Cash, check or most major credit cards accepted.

TD - Tetanus Diptheria  
Tdap - Tetanus Diptheria Acellular Pertussis
MMR - Measles Mumps Rubella 
IPV - Polio 
Hepatitis A (1of 2) 
Hepatitis B (1 of 3) 
Hepatitis A/B (Twinrix) (1 of 3)

Typhoid Injection 
Typhoid Oral
Yellow Fever *Please call for more information about vaccine availability during the current nationwide vaccine shortage.

日本 Encephalitis (JE-VAX) for 1-16 year olds NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

日本 Encephalitis (IXIARO) for 17 years old and up (Series of 2) 

Varicella - Chicken Pox (1 of 2) 
Rabies Booster

Rabies Pre-Exposure (series of 3) 

*Temporarily unavailable*
Overseas immunizations are available by appointment at the following locations. Please call for more information and to make an appointment.

  • Central Regional Health Center, located at 315 S. Utica, Tulsa, OK (Map) Temporarily unavailable
  • 詹姆斯O. Goodwin Health Center, 5051 S. 129 E. 大街. Tulsa, OK (MapTemporarily unavailable
  • North Regional Health and Wellness Center, 5635 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Tulsa, OK (MapTemporarily unavailable